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{color:#000000}*\**\* Please register the VIP token on campus before using the VPN Service \**\**{color}

h3. \**\* Please register the VIP token on campus before using the VPN Service **\*

The Mount Sinai Health System utilizes Two Factor Authentication for remote access. Besides requiring your username and password to log in (something you know), you will also need to provide a six digit code from a physical device that you preregister (something you have).
In order to use Two Factor Authentication, you are required to obtain and register a token (also referred to as a credential). The token can be a software application that is installed on your smartphone and/or on a desktop or laptop computer. The token can also be a dedicated physical device (a key fob) which you can pick up at the Levy Library on the 11{^}th^ floor of the Annenberg building. You have the ability to associate up to 5 tokens with your account. You will need to have the token with you when you remote access to the Mount Sinai Health System. MSHS IT supports *{_}Symantec VIP Access{_}* as the two-factor authentication token application.

* [Additional Assistance - Helpdesk Contact |#_TocStep5]

*Two Factor Authentication is required for Remote Access into the hospital and school network.  *
*Two Factor Authentication is required for Remote Access to the hospital and school networks, email, and applications.  *

| Hospital VPN | [] |
| School VPN | [] |
| BISLW VPN | [] |
# Once you reach the registration website, you will be prompted to *Sign In* using your network username and password. *Note*: If you have already registered the token once before, please call the helpdesk to change the credential ID if you do not remember or no longer have access to the device that has the token.
| Hospital Vendor VPN | [] |
| School VPN | [] |
| BISLR/CHPNET Legacy VPN\\ | Access to will not be available in 2018. \\
Users of resources on this system should use instead.\\ |
| | \\ |