Academic Computing (School IT)

Academic Computing - DRAFT

The academic computing department includes various teams who's goal is assist the academic and research community.

Academic Computing Services

Academic computing provides a wide range of services to the user community.

Examples of some of the many services provided:

  • This wiki!
  • Desktop support and hardware maintenance
  • Remote connectivity via the
    • ssl vpn
    • [school:Remote Shell Access]
  • High performance and redundant NAS storage (netapps)
  • Network connectivity and internet access (I2 as well)
  • Network and OS Security and protection from malware
  • Webed website
  • Email via exchange or imail
  • Operating system support for departmental servers (Windows and Linux)
  • HPC computational resources via lapis
  • Any other items we should highlight? 

Academic Computing Teams

Academic computing is structured into various teams so that we can focus to meet your needs.

Those teams are:

  • Helpdesk - The face of IT and the first place to check for help
  • School Desktop Support
  • Web Office
  • Networking Services
  • Server and Storage team
  • Exchange Support and Engineering
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