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VIP Two-Factor Setup

** Please register the VIP token on campus before using the VPN Service **

The Mount Sinai Health System utilizes Two Factor Authentication for remote access. Besides requiring your username and password to log in (something you know), you will also need to provide a six digit code from a physical device that you preregister (something you have).
In order to use Two Factor Authentication, you are required to obtain and register a token (also referred to as a credential). The token can be a software application that is installed on your smartphone and/or on a desktop or laptop computer. The token can also be a dedicated physical device (a key fob) which you can pick up at the Levy Library on the 11th floor of the Annenberg building. You have the ability to associate up to 5 tokens with your account. You will need to have the token with you when you remote access to the Mount Sinai Health System. MSHS IT supports Symantec VIP Access as the two-factor authentication token application.

Table of Contents:

Two Factor Authentication is required for Remote Access to the hospital and school networks, email, and applications.  

What is Two Factor Authentication: 

Two-factor authentication (2FA), often referred to as two-step verification, is a security process in which the user provides two authentication factors to verify they are who they say they are.  2FA can be contrasted with single-factor authentication (SFA), a security process in which the user provides only one factor – typically a password.

In order to use Two Factor, you are required to first INSTALL (Section I) and then REGISTER (Section II) your token which will tie your token to your network account.

One of the 3 options is required (but you may wish to utilize more for convenience later on) :

  • (Option 1) An application that is installed on your smartphone; recommended for mobility.
  • (Option 2) An application that is installed on your home desktop or laptop computer.
  • (Option 3) The token can also be a dedicated key FOB.

Key FOB's are available for pick up at the Levy Library on the 11th floor Annenberg building.
You can associate a combination of up to 5 tokens with your account, only 1 is needed. The two factor Application can also be referred to as VIP Access in the Apple AppStore for iphone or Google Play Store for Android 

How to Install Your Token

  1.  (Option 1) Installing a token on your smartphone: Open up the internet browser on your smartphone, go to: You will be presented with a picture of a mobile device that is similar to your phone, just click on its picture to install the Two Factor application and follow the prompts  .
  2. (Option 2) Or Installing a token on your Home Desktop or Laptop: Windows and MAC versions are available here:
  3. (Option 3) Using a physical token = key fob: The Credential ID for the key fob is the serial number (S/N) located on the back of the key fob beginning with (AVTxxxxxxxx). The Security Code is the 6 digits number that is displayed when you press the power button.
  4.  Once installed, Launch the Two Factor (VIP Access) Authentication app on your mobile device or the application on your computer; it should look like these screenshots to the right. If you obtained a key fob, have that ready. Proceed to the next section to register. Note: Keep the app opened, you will need the Credential ID (highlighted in red) and the Security Code (highlighted in blue) to complete the next section. Please note that you will need this app or token whenever you remote log on to the Mount Sinai network. The Security Code changes every 30 seconds.

Registering your Credential ID  (Tokens)

** Please register the VIP token on campus before using the VPN Service **

  1. Once you have installed the Application/App, you are then required to register these as follows: 
    There are two ways to register depending on your physical location. 
  2. Once you reach the registration website, you will be prompted to Sign In using your network username and password. Note: If you have already registered the token once before, please call the helpdesk to change the credential ID if you do not remember or no longer have access to the device that has the token.
  3. Click on the REGISTER option. 
  4. For this step, have the security token ready. You will need to supply the following information 
    1. Credential Name: Type in a description of the token device such as: Home PC, Blackberry, iPhone, Android, iPad, key fob, etc… This is up to you.
    2. Credential ID: This is the fixed 12 digit code from the security token beginning with: AVTxxxxxxxx (key fob) or VSMxxxxxxxx (software token) 
    3. Security Code: It is the 6 digit code from the security token that changes every 30 seconds 
    4. Click on the Submit button when done. 

Note: For any issues, please contact the helpdesk and they can assist you with Registering your Credential ID. 

Using Two Factor Authentication

Once you have registered your token you can now VPN into the network.

Hospital VPN
Hospital Vendor VPN
School VPN

IT Helpdesk Contact Information

The Mount Sinai Hospital and Mount Sinai Queens ([212-241-4357])
The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai ([212-241-7091])
Mount Sinai Beth Israel, Mount Sinai Brooklyn, Mount Sinai St. Luke’s and Mount Sinai West ([212-523-6486])

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