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Sailpoint 7.0 Documentation

Author: Deepak ThakkarDate: June 7, 2017Rev. 1.0

Last Updated 7/26/2017 

Table of Contents

Login to Sailpoint:
1. Request Application Access
2. Requesting Entitlements (Share Drives and Printers)
i. Requesting Shared Drives
ii. Requesting Printers
3. Checking the Status of your Request
4. Approving Requests (For Managers)
5. Creating Volunteers and Contractors
6. Updating Manager


Requesting Entitlements (Shares and Printers)
To Request Shares or Printer Access, select appropriate type in "Entitlement Type" dropdown box.

Note: "Create Employee" Link has been removed from the Sailpoint. New identities will be aggregated into Sailpoint from Sinai Central. If identity is not found in Sailpoint, please verify that it exists in Sinai Central

Login to Sailpoint:

Go to and Login to Sailpoint using your Network Id.

Once you Login, you will see the Sailpoint Home Screen

Request Application Access

From the Home screen click on Request Access:

Click on Manage Access and select Role Type="IT" from dropdown.

Review your Selection and Submit

If an Application requires a Form, you will see the following pop-up:

That completes your access request for the Application.

Requesting Entitlements (Share Drives and Printers)

Requesting Shared Drives

Type in a user's last name or Life Number or full name to search for the user you want to request access for

Select the user

Click on Manage Access and select Entitlement Type= "Hospital Shared Drive" or "BISLW Shared Drive" from dropdown. Click Apply.

Requesting Printers

Click on "Request Access"

Search for the user you want to request Printer Access for and select the user

Click on "Manage Access" and Select "Printer" from the Entitlement Type dropdown and click on Apply.

Narrow the search by typing a keyword.

Review your selection and submit.

Checking the Status of your Request

From the Home Screen, click on My Work and select Access Request

Select the Request you're interested in from the list. The window will expand.

If you click on "View Complete Details" the following screen will open up:

As you can see, the request is in the Pending State because Approval is still pending and It hasn't been approved yet.

Approving Requests (For Managers)

Login to Sailpoint, If you have any pending Approvals, you will see them on the Home Screen under "Latest Approvals"

Click on the Approval Item

You can either Approve or deny the access by clicking the Appropriate Button.

Creating Volunteers and Contractors

Click on "Create Contractor" or "Create Volunteer" from the Home Screen depending on what type of identity you want to create

Fill out all the required information in the Form and Click on "Submit" to create a Contractor or Volunteer.

Updating Manager

Updating Manager

Wrong manager for approval

•Sometimes SailPoint sends an approval to the wrong manager.

•This indicates that the Reporting Hierarchy in Sinai Central for the person is incorrect.

Missing manager for approval

•Sometimes SailPoint has missing manager and/or director

•This indicates that the Reporting Hierarchy in Sinai Central for the person hasn’t been updated.

How to fix (before submitting the SailPoint request again)

• Contact your Department HR coordinator to update in Sinai Central

• Cancel any current request with the incorrect manager and/or director

  How to cancel your Sailpoint request

• Wait 24 hours for Sinai Central to update SailPoint, then re-submit the request.

If steps above do not work or urgent;

• Please contact the Mount Sinai Service Desk  @ 212-241-4357 (4HELP)

• Have them create a ticket for IT Provisioning to update the manager and/or director

For questions regarding SailPoint, Contact

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